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Regional Trade has always been a company made up of local capital. For more than thirty years, it has been devoted to manufacturing, importing and exporting food and beverages, supplying all the commercial players along the Argentine Republic territory, as well as bordering, Mercosur countries.

We have our own plant, which manufactures products based on fruit. It is located in the main strawberry-harvesting place in our country: Coronda City, Santa Fe province.

We buy and commercialize products from Argentina, and we import products, which are not locally produced, operating in international markets such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Our head office is located in Santa Fe city, and we have warehouses in different strategic points in the country, in addition to a commercial office in Buenos Aires.

Our staff is made up of a consistent group of professionals, with expertise in each core activity, on management, administration, sales or industry.

The objective is to add value. We make available to customers differentiated, high-value products. We promote the company prestige, and FRESITA and BAHIA brands, through careful ads and marketing campaigns. We provide counselling, sales and logistics professional service.

Our qualified portfolio of local and foreign suppliers of finished products, supplies, and financial support, have allowed and defined the successful and vast history of Regional Trade S.A.U.

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Regional Trade

A few kilometers away from Santa Fe capital city, Coronda rises on the bank of the river with the same name. The environmental conditions are optimum for STRAWBERRY, the emblematic fruit of the region. It is precisely here where our manufacturing facilities are located, to process the fruit.

To achieve the desired quality and safety, quality assurance is crucial. That is why Regional Trade S.A.U. relies on a technical team trained to ensure the compliance with the good manufacturing practices throughout all the process stages.

Currently Regional Trade S.A.U. has four manufacturing lines: fruit preserves, fruit pulps for cocktails and patisserie, and ready-to-drink beverages, with the Coronda strawberry as the star ingredient. Not only the BAHIA products - synonym for quality and good taste- are manufacture here, but also products of renowned brands from Argentina and bordering countries. Our products are sold all over the country, and exported to Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia.

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Food Safety Certificate


At Regional Trade manufacturing facilities, located in Coronda, Santa Fe, food is processed with a basis of fruit, mainly strawberry, due to the strategic geographic location. To perform this task, there are specific and trained technical staff, and advanced manufacturing technologies. The results are food products, which are safe and tasty to the palate, satisfying customers, and prevention of non-conformance products that end up in rejections.

Promoting continuous improvement through certification audits allows us to grow and be more competitive in the market.

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